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Continuing Education Requirements are required by most healthcare boards with the goal to protect the public by maintaining Professional Development. allows you to keep in compliance with your continuing education requirements and to reduce the stress associated with an audit by a licensing board.

 After creating an account, you can login and quickly enter information on each continuing education activity that you complete.  The system will let you enter coursework you did by way of live, in person learning, or via asynchronous or synchronous distanced based learning (Online, TeleSeminars, Webinars, etc).  If your profession/state requires specific hours in specific topics, you will have a place to enter and track those as well. 

 At any time, you will be able to click on the link for "View CE Progress" and check if you have completed all required hours, and if applicable, required topics.

 The system is designed to be quick, easy and keep you compliant in your Continuing Education.